Men's Tracker Magnetic Bracelet


For centuries it has been believed that regularly wearing Magnetic Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces and Copper Magnetic jewelry relieves fatigue, improves blood circulation, reduces joint aches and the pain and problems of arthritis and helps in energizing the body. Our attractive superior quality of Magnetic jewelry combines the power of magnets for maximum relief and timeless beauty! 

Magnets have been used for centuries to relieve pain throughout the body and help in energizing the body. They have been known to help you if you suffer from headaches, migraines, back pain, arthritis, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome,fibromyalgia (FMS), sciatica, elbow pain and much more. 

According to Dr. Buryl Payne in his book, Getting Started in Magnetic Healing, the following conditions have been treated with magnetism ( * indicates Dr. Payne has had personal positive experience with it): 
Acute Injuries* Knee Pains*
Anxiety* Menstrual Cramps*
Arthritis* Migraines*
Asthma* Pancreas Insuff.*
Back Pain* Prostate Enlgmt.*
Chronic Fatigue Syn.* Shoulder Pain*
Constipation* Sinus*
eye problems* Sore Muscles*
Fractures* Stomach Upsets*
Headaches* Tennis Elbow*
Hemorrhoids* Tooth Problems*

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