Sleevey Wonders Lace 1/2 Sleeve Off The Shoulder

$39.20 $49.00

Sleevey Wonders Lace Sleeve Off Shoulder has narrow black satin trim neckline over matte black 4-way stretch lace fabric with 1/2 length sleeve. 1/2" elastic hem provides some lift and support; you decide what feels most comfortable, with or without a bra. Pull-over style to wear with v-neckline or reverse to cover low neckline.

Hand wash, dry flat. 95/5 Nylon/ Spandex. Sleevey Wonders S20402, Made in USA. 

"Sleevey Wonders gently hug your arms making them appear firmer & slimmer with light, soft comfort. No shoulder seams, so they actually look like part of your sleeveless & strapless garments. Specially designed for value, Sleevey Wonders reverses front to back: low side in front or higher side in front to cover cleavage. Lace can camouflage any flaws or tattoos without sacrificing style. 1 little black dress + Sleevey Wonder styles = 'chic versatility' "

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