Jeff Lieb Swarovski Swirl Scarf Ring

$14.50 $29

Only 2 pieces in stock!

American made, handcrafted artisan jewelry items are highlighted this week! Jeff sets a single Swarovski crystal stone in this created LIEBium* swirl design with open rings on each end. This unique piece of jewelry is light and versatile- it can slide onto scarves, bring closure to open front cardigans and accent the wearer's individual style in a variety of ways. Wow!

While supplies last, color choices: Silver, Gold, Black and Bronze. Each handcrafted design is slightly different, approximate size: 1" x 2". Regular price $39; sale price is $28. Save $11 through 3/20/2014 or while supplies last!

Made in the U.S.A. with LIEBium lead-free, electrically treated aluminum that makes all his pieces amazing and ultra-lightweight.

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