Forever New Fabric Wash 16 Oz.

  • 16 oz Original Forever New Fabric Care Wash - Made In USA
  • Wonderful Fresh Scent
  • Pure, Organic, And Biodegradable Fabric Care Wash
  • Natural Base of Citrus and Sodas Clean Then Rinses Completely
  • Cleans And Brightens Fine Washables
  • Maintains Elasticity So Clothing Looks New Longer
  • Also available: Larger 32 oz size - value price
  • For Regular Washing Machines, Add 1/4 Cup Powder Dissolved In Water
  • For HE Washers, Add 1/8 Cup Powder Dissolved In Water
  • For Hand Washing, Add 1 Tbsp. Powder Dissolved in Water
  • Forever New is environmentally-friendly, does no animal testing
  • Trademarked Forever New Formula is not sold as a store brand
  • Beware of Counterfeits!

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