Need to borrow your girlfriend’s earrings and you’ve got sensitive ears? Don’t worry! These patented FDA Grade low-density polyethylene sleeves slide over the post of an earring to prevent metal from touching the ear. This eliminates metal sensitivity and irritation so you can look and feel great in all of life’s moments. Tip: You can also use the protectors with body piercings as well!

 Made in the USA


  • Helps with metal sensitivity & Fits over most standard Post earrings
  • Sleeves have a slightly larger gauge than normal earring posts.
  • Keep piercings open without a visible earring
  • Intended for earrings with posts no more than 20g (0.812mm or 0.032")
  • Inclues 1 "tree" with 8 sleeves and 4 backings

Instructions: Cut two protector sleeves from “tree” and clean with alcohol.

For post earrings: Slide protector sleeve over the post. Trim the tip of the sleeve so the backs included will fit on the post of the earring. Insert sleeved post through the ear as usual.

For wire hook earrings, slide protector sleeve over wire hook so that it covers the section of wire that will rest inside the ear. 

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