Modgy Collapsible Vases Are Perfect Gifts!

An expandable, non-breakable vase makes a perfect gift for so many occasions! We carry a variety of Modgy vases, all with beautiful designs. They have the prettiness of glass, but are actually made of BPA plastic. The designs are lightweight yet sturdy.


Modgy 66140 Karnival Expandable Vase

This innovative home decor piece is ideal for giving for many occasions. These affordable vases make for a great hostess gift that your friend can use again and again. If you want to be an encouragement to a young mom, give her one of these vases filled with flowers. (You can also add a card with a brief encouraging note, too!) She'll appreciate receiving something pretty out on a daily basis without worries of it getting broken. She can even use it to display wildflowers her children pick for her! A vase and a bouquet of flowers is also a thoughtful gift for an elderly friend or relative. Because these vases fold flat when empty, the recipient won't have to be concerned about storage in a limited space. This unique vase is also great as part of a college graduation gift or a care package. As the gift giver, you'll love this - the cost is similar to a nice greeting card!

Modgy 66181 Magnolia Expandable Vase

Modgy 66181 Magnolia Expandable Vase

Modgy vases are also fantastic for event decor at weddings, graduation parties, baby showers, and more. You can add a special touch to everything from wedding table centerpieces to graduation party table decor. These non-breakable vases can be easily transported to your event venue, whether that's a banquet center or your backyard. These collapsible vases also make packing that much easier when you're trying to transport boxes of decor to a venue. They are also perfect table giveaways at wedding showers and baby showers!


Modgy 66171 Heart Of Orion Expandable Vase

You don't have to be preparing for a special event to use Modgy vases. Add cheer to your own living space with some flowers then save this unique and reusable fold-flat vase. It will also give a touch of elegance to a picnic or campground table. Just add water from a water bottle and wildflowers!


Modgy 66129 Red White And You Expandable Vase

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