Unique Scarves Add Winter Style

Layering up for cold weather is not just practical, it's also fun! We have a myriad of scarves that will keep you warm and fashionable throughout the winter. No matter how you tie or wrap it, a new scarf is a great way to give new life to your favorite coat. It also makes a wonderful, practical gift that will fit anyone!

Long Scarf

There are plenty of unique ways to wear a long scarf, and you've probably already tried different knotting techniques. For a variation on the traditional style of a long scarf wrapped around your neck once, spread the sides of a wider scarf to cover your shoulders, and drape the ends in front like usual. This gives it a look that's a cross between a wrap and a scarf. Blanket scarves work especially well for this style.


Another way to wear a large blanket scarf is to take the corners and tie them together to create an infinity scarf. To protect the fabric, loosely tie a corner of one end to a corner of the other end. You can then double the scarf. Tuck the knot in, or place in on your shoulder for an intentionally stylish accent!

You can use a magnetic brooch, stick pin (available in store), or fashion fastener to secure the two sides of a scarf draped around your neck. Our fashion fasteners can be used more creatively, as well. To completely transform a winter scarf, start by draping it front. Then secure it in back at your waist or a little lower to create the look of a vest!


To get even more looks from your scarf, purchase a reversible one! We carry lovely Museum print scarves that reverse to a solid color. Our Fraas scarves feel like cashmere and some even have reversible prints. These high-quality items are made in Germany. They are thin, soft, and warm, reversible.


If you have trouble wearing scarves due to overheating, you'll want to buy one of our mens scarves. They are thinner and more tailored. Our female customers who run warmer and don't want a bulky scarf have been enjoying these!

Other fashionable scarf options include our frothy scarves with twisted fringe edges. Wear them as a wrap by clipping it closed with one of our fashion fasteners. Another option is our soft scarves with a flannel-like feel and grommet accents for a fun touch. One-of-a-kind, USA-made Scarves of Westwood truly feel like wearing jewelry since they are dressed up with fringe and beads!

Scarves of Westwood

Infinity Scarf

Another fun idea for layering is to combine a wrap and an infinity scarf. If you tend to be cold, you can add a scarf to an open-front wrap for extra warmth. Wear the infinity scarf un-looped at full length so the scarf drapes in front of your wrap's opening. Then, use one of our magnetic brooches or stick pins to secure the two sides of the infinity scarf below your collar bone. This look will keep your neck warm and ward off any chill the open front wrap may cause. 


The lacy look of the pointelle is dressier than a typical winter scarf. Our pointelle infinity scarf can be worn as a sholero shrug. Wrap it around your shoulders, tuck it under your arms, and stretch the lower half across your waistline in back. You can also wear this as a classic infinity scarf doubled up, or long over your front and secured with a clip or magnetic brooch.



Our supple cashmere shawls are reversible, which give you double they styling options for chilly days. Cashmere is a soft, warm fabric. A convenient loop on the shoulder of each wrap allows you to thread the hem of the opposite side through. For another look, twist the fabric so the contrasting fabric shows in section threaded through the loop.

CASHMERE SHAWL green pattern

Our magnetic brooches also allow you to gather one side of any wrap on the opposite shoulder. These pretty accessories are easier to place than pins, and you also don't have to worry about leaving holes in more delicate fabrics. If you keep one in your purse, you can grab it at any time through the day when you need to secure your wrap around your body so it's out of the way as you move. You can also use a magnetic brooch, fashion fastener, or stick pin just to add a stylish touch to your wrap (or your scarf!).


We'd love to have you come visit our boutique to play "dress up." We can show you more ways to style scarves, and we can also help you select coordinating hats and gloves.