Clara Sun Woo JK163 Liquid Leather Knit Zip Jacket


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Live your best life while wearing the faux Liquid Leather Slit Pocket Jacket which is made from a beautiful signature stretch knit, extremely lightweight soft "lambskin feel" fabric with a soft matte finish. This jacket features an upright collar, long sleeves, a rustic gold vertical zip closure, pocket slits to hold your mini essentials, immaculate front and back stitching with boning like details against the bodice and waist seams which provide a slimming silhouette.

The Camel is a light cognac shade with warm golden undertones. Inspired by luxury track jackets, the interior is made from soft knit giving it the right amount of stretch with breathable superb wear that conforms to your body and provides you with the utmost comfort.

Made from our signature soft stretch poly blend fibers with a coating of a faux liquid leather matte finish.
Easy care, quick-drying, and cooler than linen or cotton.
Travel Friendly
Ultra Lightweight Soft Knit Fabric - Faux Leather
Matte Finish
Slit Front Pockets

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